Konica Mono Refurb

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Are you looking for a reliable, high spec photocopier for your office? Are you unable to justify spending a small fortune on a factory new photocopier? Do you need a copier that can print and copy office documentation quickly and to a high standard? Then we have the perfect solution for you – refurbished Konica copiers.

We have a large selection of refurbished copiers, both colour and monochrome, that can be suited to the requirements of any business, regardless of its size. Thousands of businesses have reaped the benefits of our refurbished copiers, so why shouldn’t you?

Why choose our mono refurbished Konica copiers?

We believe that good quality copiers don’t have to come with an extortionate price tag which is why we strive to deliver photocopiers of an outstanding quality to each and every one of our customers for a reasonable cost.

We have a wide selection of Konica photocopiers which means, regardless of your requirements or the size of your business, we guarantee that we have the photocopier for you.

Not only do each of our copiers have all their critical parts replaced, they are also vigorously tested by a team of experts to ensure they are in full working order. And just in case your copier isn’t functioning the way it should, we also offer a 90 day or 20,000 copies warranty.

What’s the difference between new copiers and refurbished ones?

The main difference between new photocopiers and refurbished photocopiers is that new ones have never been used previously, whereas, refurbished copiers have been used before but have had all their main parts replaced.

Due to the fact that refurbished copiers receive replacement parts, in most cases, they are updated with the latest technology and therefore can provide the same quality as new copiers for a fraction of the cost.