Ricoh Colour Refurb

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In most instances, businesses require a high quality colour photocopier for printing off a variety of documents on headed paper such as presentations, invoices and more. That’s why it’s vital that the copier you choose meets the needs of your business and is reliable.

Whether you have an SME and require a small copier to use for general office documents, or whether you have a large organisation and are in need of something much more substantial, we’ve got you covered.

Our refurbished colour Ricoh photocopiers

All our high quality colour Ricoh photocopiers have been refurbished to an exceptional standard, with all critical parts being replaced and each copier being thoroughly tested by a team of experts.

We believe that businesses shouldn’t have to skimp on quality because of their budget which is why we strive to ensure all our copiers are in full working order and can produce copies and prints of an incredible standard. All our copiers come with a 90 day or 20,000 copies or prints warranty and we also offer an all-inclusive servicing and repairs service after your warranty has ended.

What are the benefits of purchasing a refurbished copier instead of a new one?

There are a variety of benefits of purchasing a refurbished photocopier instead of a new copier. The first is that you can expect the same quality and features as a new one. This is because with refurbished copiers, every critical part is completely replaced to ensure it’s in the best condition possible. Because of this, refurbished copiers can often last just as long as those bought new.

Another benefit of buying refurbished Ricoh photocopiers is that they can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of new photocopiers – up to 50% less. Although they may require the occasional bit of maintenance, this is still significantly cheaper than buying a new one.