Product Description

  • The A4 Monochrome MFP Developed to Satisfy Customer Demands

    Offering advanced features and high-level device management capabilities with stringent security, the bizhub 42/36 is a smart medium-speed A4 MFP for your entire enterprise, not matter how big or small.

  • Reduce TCO Across Your Operation

    Keeping costs low is a challenge you face every day. The bizhub 42/36 is on your side, delivering comprehensive TCO solutions that save resources and increase efficiency.

  • Print and Receive with Mobile Devices Wirelessly

    Meet the demands of the rapidly growing mobile market. PageScope Mobile provides a smart bizhub printing environment that lets you print and receive data wirelessly.

  • Clean, Quiet Performance for a Better Environment

    Reduced power consumption, lower noise levels and other measures show consideration for the earth and the office environment.

  • Exceptional Image Quality Regardless of Document Type

    Achieves high-quality monochrome output of colour documents.

    Even when printing colour originals in monochrome, high-quality reproduction of half-tones ensure excellent results for business documents, photos, etc

  • High Functionality, High Performance and Expandability to Grow with Your Business

    Delivering 100% duplex copy productivity, standard colour scanning and an optional inner finisher, the bizhub 42/36 plays a key role in boosting your office’s productivity.

  • High Usability in a Stylish Body

    Features the shared operability of the bizhub series, making it easy for everyone to use.