Ricoh IM 2555ASP

  • MP 2555ASP

Ricoh IM 2555ASP


Ready access to high-quality digital and hard-copy documents is integral to the efficiency of every busy workgroup, and the Ricoh MP 2555ASP empowers workplaces with easy to use, customisable features and options. This reliable 25 ppm model helps you boost productivity and get ahead with copying, scanning and printing tasks, via straightforward yet smart capabilities, all the way through to finished documents that add professional impact. In this device you have an outstanding all-in-one workmate.

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Product Description


Teaming a user-friendly Smart Operation Panel – enhanced with intuitive, quick-response 10.1-inch touch panel – with a powerful Intel processor creates an efficient, effective and highly productive device capable of strengthening any demanding workplace.  The 1000-sheet hybrid finisher, including stapled and stapleless finishes, helps creativity and variety in everyday communications, which can make an impressive difference in not only getting your message across but also in positively protecting and projecting your corporate image.

  • Intuitive 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel
  • Single Pass Document Feeder
  • Staple and stapleless finishing
  • Powerful Intel processor
  • Low power usage in sleep mode



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